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Dr. Nathan "Nat" J. Felder ND, RH. (AHG),

Licensed Clinical Herbalist & Botanical Medicine
Author and Ethnobotanist for over 45 years
Nathans Natural, Inc Founder & President
Herbalist & Alchemists Staff Leader

What People Are Saying About Levodyn
* The following testimonials were received by email and mail from Levodyn customers.
Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Levodyn users.
Before Levodyn:170/98
After 2 Weeks on Levodyn:135/82

I've been taking Levodyn for almost two weeks. I've had high   for thirty years. My readings with several prescriptions in that time have measured consistently at 150/90. I've been off medications for a year and those readings averaged 170/98. In the last two weeks taking two tablets two times a day of the Levodyn my readings have averaged 145/85, with a couple readings of 135/82. I'm very encouraged. Thanks,*

- David Newcomer.

I have a natural remedy to a life-threatning situation!

Dear Levodyn Staff:
I have been using Levodyn for six months now and my   has stabilized! I am now off of risky prescription medication along with the horrible side effects. It is so wonderful to know that I have a natural remedy now to a life threatening situation! Thanks Levodyn! I feel better than I have felt in years.*

- Michael Shea

Before Levodyn:180/100
After 2 Weeks on Levodyn:118/79

Dear Levodyn,
I'd love to thank you for your wonderful product. I ordered after doing online research. I needed to lower my   - fast. I knew I was high, but I don't like taking prescription drugs and prefer a natural alternative. But I was getting a new life insurance policy and they were coming to do a physical within two weeks. I went from 180/100 to 118/79 on my physical day! Thanks to you for getting the lowest insurance rates and better health!*

- Shari Burger

Before Levodyn:149/91
After 2 Months on Levodyn:127/82

I am feeling much better after 2 months of using Levodyn. My   has dropped from 149/91 to 127/82 in 60 days. I am thrilled with the results and will continue to use Levodyn to keep my   stabilized.*

- Tony Spatarella

Before Levodyn:160/81
After 4 Weeks on Levodyn:135/70

I am by nature skeptical of potions, elixirs, charms, and snake oil. I started trying Levodyn at 160 / 81 expecting a failed attempt to bring those numbers down. After one month's worth of two Levodyn per day the new numbers are 135 / 70. So what's not to believe?*

- Bruce M., North Carolina

From 140/100 to 115/75!*

Dear Levodyn
I've been using Levodyn for several months now & I feel just great! I had nothing but adverse reactions to all of the prescription drugs my doctor was putting me on. Then I discovered Levodyn. Before Levodyn, my   was in the 140/100 range. Now my   is in the 115/75 range. Thanks so very much for such a wonderful product.*

- Darrell Strabala

Before Levodyn:150/90
After 2 Months on Levodyn:120/80

Attached is a picture of me holding a bottle of Levodyn. I started taking Levodyn a couple months ago because my   had gotten up to 150/90 and I wasn't feeling too good. I went to my family doctor for a checkup and blood work. He wanted to put me on a mild   medication but I told him no. I wanted to try diet, exercise and herbs...he agreed with that method. I found your website and decided to give Levodyn a try. Now, two months later, my   is in the 120/80 range. I watch my sodium intake, exercise, and take two Levodyn pills a day. I feel much better now. I go back to the doctor in aweek...can't wait to see how he reacts. thank you... *

- Charles S.

Before Levodyn:160/90
After 2 Weeks on Levodyn:120/70
Skeptic turned into believer*

I have to say at first I was skeptical about this product working, but after taking it for one week my   improved from the 160's / 90's to the 140's / 80's. I have now completed my second week of taking Levodyn, and I am thrilled to report that my pressure is now in the 120's / 70's, and twice it was 116 / 73 !! I told my doctor about what I had been doing for the past two weeks, so he wanted me to stop by for "an accurate" (his words)   test. So I did just yesterday, and was afraid that it would be high because of "white coat" syndrome. His nurse took the test twice and both times it was 119 / 72. He said "well seeing is believing". I am a believer, and will continue to take Levodyn. I might add I am feeling great and energetic. Sincerely,*

- Arthur K.

Before Levodyn:157/96
After 4 Weeks on Levodyn:139/80

I have been using Levodyn for a month now and am very pleased with the results I am seeing by using this product! I am only 31 years old so the thought of taking prescribed medication for the rest of my life was not something I wanted to do. Since I have discovered Levodyn my   has dropped from 157/96 to 139/80 and I am hoping to see an even greater improvement in the coming months! I would recommend this product to anyone. Thank you Levodyn for helping me stabilize my  !*

- Sara M.

Before Levodyn:160/95
After 3 Months on Levodyn:124/90

Good morning good people; I visited a cardiologist July, 2008, who nearly killed me doing a stress EKG. He said my heart is fine but thought I should be taking some BP meds because, ".your systolic will go up over time". He meant when you get older. I was 58 back then. The doctor gave me a handful of samples, Diovan?, and said see you in two years. I did not take the samples because I am so pig headed. I figure that since I have been living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising, no booze, no tobacco, my BP should be just fine. Sometimes I am just not that mature in my thinking.
Months went by and I decided maybe I should check out the more natural products available to lower BP. I surfed the net and, back in February, discovered Levodyn. First three bottle order, Feb. 25th. I have been taking fairly regularly since then, three bottles last nearly 4 months.
Months ago I stopped taking a powered multi-supplement I had used for a long time, early last month I ran out of my Vit. D, Q C 10, and now take only Levodyn and 325 mg. aspirin daily.
Before starting Levodyn   was 160/95 now it’s down to 124/90!!!*
Thanks for your great product,

- Tom L.

Before Levodyn:158/98
After 1 Week on Levodyn:138/82

Hi Everyone at Levodyn!
I am a new customer of about two weeks. I have been taking   medicine for over twenty years now and I have always wanted to stop. Every time I went off my medication my pressure would rise and I would have to go back on the medication. I am in good health otherwise and never get sick; I eat well and have always taken care of my health. At 59 years of age, I do not want to be dependent on a prescription drug because as far as I'm concerned, anything that keeps me out of a doctor's office is a good thing. After doing some research on line I found your product Levodyn and decided to try it. My pressure after a month without my medication had gone to 158/98 and after taking Levodyn for a week it was 138/82, within normal range! Thank you for this product and the choice of a natural solution rather than supporting Big Pharma. I have attached my photograph holding my very first bottle of Levodyn.
Thank you again,*

- Lee N.

Before Levodyn:190/110
After 6 Weeks on Levodyn:120/83

Dear Levodyn:
Words are inadequate for me to describe what I lived with Levodyn. This product is phenomenal. It delivered what it promised. My   went from 190/110 to 120/83 in six weeks. I was amazed and so was my family doctor. Levodyn gave me new hopes of overcoming the worst nightmares of my life. I feel healthier and happier day after day. I used to wake up with terrible headaches and extreme fatigue. At work, I used to get tired and ready to quit after only two hours in an eight hour shift. Today, I work all my eight hours and still feel energized for more work. I said bye bye to night sweats and grouchy moods. There are no side effects whatsoever. All these amazing things happened in less than three months of treatment. If you suffer from high  , bad cholesterol, diabetes, etc. your best bet is to try levodyn. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I would like anybody who suffers from high   and its venture partners to leave everything he has been using and give this miracle a try. You will be sorry only for not having known this product earlier. All I am saying here is from my own experience. Have your own and enjoy life again. Thank you indefinitely for having made this wonder available.*

- Side S.