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*The following testimonials were received by email and mail from Levodyn customers. Results may vary and the sample results below cannot be expected in 100% of Levodyn users.

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"From 200/102 to 133/74!"*

*My name is Lewis and I am 77 yrs old. I want to tell you about how Levodyn has helped me with my blood pressure. I was having readings over 200/102 and my pulse was over 100 and irregular. The doctor was adamant that I have tests done. I was sent to have a heart cath done and was put on a heart monitor to see what was happening. Then off to the cardiologist. Nothing showed that helped to determine what was wrong. I had no energy and couldn't do anything. I found Levodyn and since using it have had blood pressure readings of 133/74. My pulse is normal and I feel great. I have experienced no side effects. I am mowing lawns and taking care of a very large garden. Thank you,

- F.R.

"I will continue using Levodyn"*

*Dear Levodyn,
I am a person that believes there are a lot of better options than western medicine offers; not that it doesn't have its place but I have never been one just to follow the crowd. I am very impressed with the changes in my blood pressure. I have been hanging around the 145 / 95 sometimes less sometimes more, and I have to say after taking your product for the last few months I love seeing BP's of 118/68 to 132 / 85; I am very happy and will continue using Levodyn.

- Michael S.

"The Ref's Ruling"*

*I am the chief referee for pro-boxing out of Washington D.C. and this is the best blood pressure medicine I have taken. Now only a few weeks after starting Levodyn I can work out like I use too, all my life I have had hypertension, in my family it runs very strong and I am only 53. I have a world title boxing match coming up Nov 6, 2010. I have told a lot of people about this Levodyn, thank you for changing my life.

- Dr. Joseph Cooper, PhD

"I am so happy with levodyn"*

*Thank-you Levodyn for giving me a product that has worked for me. I have been taking Levodyn for about a year. My blood pressure was 149/90 and now it is 128/70. I am so happy with Levodyn that I recommend it to everyone who has high blood pressure.

- Boyd B. Brampton, ON Canada

"Quite a difference..."*

*I got my first supply of levodyn around the first of july. At that time my blood pressure was going up and down, mostly up. Within a short time I noticed it was stabilizing and so did my Doctor. He changed my medication to a low dosage. I was going in every two weeks And when i went in on october 1, he said i was doing so well i don't need to come back for three months. Quite a difference and i feel great. I will be 82 in december.

- June O'Donell

"My blood pressure is back to normal!"*

*Howzit from Hawaii....My name is Glenn and glad to say that my blood pressure is back to normal. My pressure was 152/94 and I went on the internet to find a natural med for my high blood pressure. I'm so glad that I found Levodyn as my pressure is now normal. I feel great and was not afraid to go back to my passion which is Surfing. I'm 60 years young and still can make the surfing moves that I used to do when I was younger. Just bought a motorcycle and there is no stopping me now. Thank you Levodyn.... you have a customer for life.

- Aloha, Glenn

"I feel so much better..."*

*Hi there
My father and I decided to try levodyn around 6 mths ago. We both suffer from high blood pressure. Normally, my blood pressure is around 150/98, now almost daily, my blood pressure measures 134/78!! That is quite a drop. I feel so much better and no longer suffer the headaches or flushed feeling that I had become used to. My father is having great success as well. Thanks so much Levodyn...

- Lori C. , Canada

"Even my back and bones don't hurt any more"*

*Hey Levodyn
I have had boarder line high blood pressure most of my life as well as being confined to a wheel all my life has been a losing battle trying to control my blood pressure. Now I am 63 and thanks to Levodyn I have readings my doctor even likes - 135/80 which for me is great since I have not been on Levodyn that long just 4 bottles. I get up at 7:00am and go to bed at 11:30pm. Before Levodyn I would come home from work, eat dinner and get into bed and watch TV. Not any more. I am back doing my hobbies again and going out more with my grandkids. Even my back and bones don't hurt any more. I am not sure how long God has for me to stay on his beautiful earth but no matter how long I have I will be taking Levodyn every day. I hope you guys keep making Levodyn so when other wake up and discover you you will have some for them. Thank you for giving me this chance to tell you how great I feel thanks to Levodyn.

- C.J.

"I wish everybody will try LEVODYN..."*

*From the time that I took LEVODYN I knew that I am on the right track in controlling my blood pressure to safe levels. I searched for an all-natural and non chemical remedy for my illness and I found it in LEVODYN . I am feeling healthier and confident that this product will help me further the rest of my life. I wish everybody will try and consider LEVODYN to be part of their healthy life.

- Rick T.

"Lower BP, Less Stress and Better Sleep"*

*My uncle had mentioned Levodyn to me several times, and the last time I saw him he gave me a bottle of Levodyn. My uncle has benefitted greatly from Levodyn and so have I. My blood pressure and my pulse rate have been reduced. I noticed right away that I felt less stress and at the same time I could think more clearly. I also noticed that I had less difficulty falling asleep at night and waking up feeling more refreshed. There has been an increase in my productivity. This is a great product and I will definitely be including levodyn as a supplement to my diet.

- Jack M.

"It's certainly been a life changer..."*

*Earlier this year I was experiencing fluctuations in my blood pressure, sometimes reading were high and sometimes low. I started trolling the internet for natural products to stabilize my blood pressure because I always prefer a natural method as opposed to a chemical alternative. I found your product Levodyn and decided to give it a try. I felt the effects from it almost immediately. My blood pressure has stabilized and I feel just great. I have more energy and feel great and I am so happy that I found your product. It's certainly been a life changer. I just recently placed another order for two more bottles as I want to always be sure to have it and not run out.
Thanks so much for changing my life with such a wonderful product.

- M. K.

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